Colour Consciousness is our Culture

Colour Consciousness is our Culture

Colour Alchemist is the creation of designer and spiritual intuitive Martina Carello.

With over 20 years design experience and a lifetime of spiritual development, her passion for colour and texture in art, textiles, food and life has always been a driving force in her connection to the outside world.

For professionals looking to develop textile-based products to bring to market, Martina provides a full product development experience with desired results.  Getting your product to the production floor as soon as possible is a priority.  Concrete block and pattern developments, market research in sizing and grading developments, sourcing of materials and project management options. NEW IN 2019 – FULL DIGITAL PATTERN SERVICES

The goal is to work with people who are serious and passionate about their journey.  Those who are not just wanting to bring a product to the table but develop products that better the experiences of their clients.

There is no greater satisfaction than to see others succeed.  When we help others solve their problems, we solve our own.

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Awaken to Colour Consciousness with Colour Alchemist.  

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