I'm a new start-up - I don't have a product yet

Colour Alchemist Canada Inc. has new start-ups on wait-list and will only take on new start-up projects beginning this November 2020 with a Fall 2021 launch date. Some consideration will be put in for those looking for a Spring 2021 launch, however this must be discussed in advance.

The reason being is that we pride ourselves on serving our clients to the best possible capacity and we are currently minding Fall 2020 production for our existing client community and potential clients that have confirmed their projects prior to August 15.

Should you wish to put yourself on this list, please fill in the new client contact information form and book your free 20 minute as soon as possible to see if we are a good match and can serve you.  If so,  we will put you on our November 2020 intake schedule.  There are limited spots at this time.  More openings will be available beginning January 2021.

What types of NEW-START UPS are currently wait listed until November 2020 intake?

 Start ups that have not yet launched any developed products and are starting from scratch.  Companies who have not yet launched and are looking to develop their products.  Those who have confirmed with us prior to August 15, do not apply.

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Onboarding Session for NEW BRANDS

 We know that new brands in the fashion industry have lots of questions regarding the development process. Colour Alchemist Canada ensures that every New Client in this business is armed with the correct options for the ultimate success of their brand. For those who have never developed or produced clothing, this onboarding session is a mandatory step with all of our packages. This is not a requirement for existing businesses who have completed at least one full season in their process.

Flat Sketches

Colour Alchemist Canada requires basic front and back sketches to begin the patternmaking process. Clients are welcome to provide quality flat sketches of their own, or we can provide them too.

Technical Packages (tech packs)

A tech pack is a blue print of an apparel design that is created to communicate to your garment manufacturer/factory what components are required to construct your product.

Tech-Packs include detailed sketches, custom measurements for your product, materials required, colours, trimmings, label, hangtag and packaging information.

Colour Alchemist Canada can provide tech packs for domestic and import production.

Colour-ups and Line Sheets

Companies often require coloured sketches and line sheets for sales purposes. Colour Alchemist will soon be providing this added service.   COMING SOON.

Pattern Making – Pattern Design

Patterns are the “puzzle pieces” of your garment. Patterns are tangible assets that represent the core of your brand’s identity (the fit) and are considered intellectual property. All patterns designed by Colour Alchemist Canada are from scratch and based on your exclusive target body. All production patterns produced for you are exclusively yours and will not be reused or resold by Colour Alchemist Canada. Both manual and digital (CAD) patterns available.

Fit Consulting and Fit Branding

Colour Alchemist Canada is known for fit branding and development in fashion and apparel niche markets. In order to reach a group of people with a specific fit need, standard patterns replicated from someone else’s pattern blocks will not work. Proper development of your initial size and sizing is a must for your brand. Fit Consulting for existing brands available. Call us for a review of your product.

Collection Standardization

Collection standardisation is ensuring that the fit and sizing throughout your collection makes sense for your client and remains consistent. Clients who have purchased full packages have this service included. Consulting for existing brands available. Call us for a review of your product.


Digitizing is the transferring of hard copy patterns to digital patterns. Pricing is per piece.


Grading of your pattern is the creation of all the sizes. Colour Alchemist Canada can help you with the development of your grade rules for your brand. Or if you have existing grade rules, we will use those. Pricing is per piece.

Marker Making

Marker making for production is setting the patterns of all the sizes required to be cut. Many factories provide this service, however for those who do not, Colour Alchemist Canada can help with this. Markers are made digitally, and Colour Alchemist Canada does have a wide width plotter and can print your markers for you.

Sourcing of Raw Materials

Colour Alchemist Canada has a great repertoire of suppliers to refer to our existing clients. We are happy to refer companies that we know can provide you with the supplies you need. If you require that we research and source outside of what we can provide (or if you are not an existing client), Please contact us for rates.

Additional Business Services

Colour Alchemist Canada has a great repertoire of suppliers to help you grow your business and help you with personal needs that can help you balance your entrepreneur life experience. All of our clients have the opportunity to receive direct referrals to our preferred accountants and bookeepers, photographers, web designers, printers, business lawyers, insurance brokers, and many other services that a sucessful business requires.

Production Management

Not all clients want to manage their own production. Many want to design and leave the rest to us. Colour Alchemist Canada highly encourages new fashion businesses to move through the production process on their own, forge the relationships with their suppliers and learn the ropes. However, some may choose to focus on other areas of their business. We are happy to help your mange this area of your business.

Quality Assurance Services

Quality assurance is an important part of your business. Verifying your production, ensuring that the factories have completed your product as per the specifications requested is time-consuming but extremely important. Colour Alchemist Canada can provide you with Q & A services.

Target Market Research Program (COMING SOON)

Understanding your target customer is key. This program is geared to understanding the fit, body type, styling and sizing needs of your chosen customer. A half-day jam session with target customers included. COMING SOON.

European Production

Colour Alchemist Canada manages the Canadian Division of a sustainable european full service factory in Portugal.  Specialities are in Children's wear.  Minimum MOQ 300 units