I'm a new start-up - I don't have a product yet

Colour Alchemist Canada Inc. has new start-ups on wait-list and will only take on new start-up projects beginning this November 2020 with a Fall 2021 launch date. Some consideration will be put in for those looking for a Spring 2021 launch, however this must be discussed in advance.

The reason being is that we pride ourselves on serving our clients to the best possible capacity and we are currently minding Fall 2020 production for our existing client community and potential clients that have confirmed their projects prior to August 15.

Should you wish to put yourself on this list, please fill in the new client contact information form and book your free 20 minute as soon as possible to see if we are a good match and can serve you.  If so,  we will put you on our November 2020 intake schedule.  There are limited spots at this time.  More openings will be available beginning January 2021.

What types of NEW-START UPS are currently wait listed until November 2020 intake?

 Start ups that have not yet launched any developed products and are starting from scratch.  Companies who have not yet launched and are looking to develop their products.  Those who have confirmed with us prior to August 15, do not apply.

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