“Niche Apparel Development Specialist”

The Colour Alchemist’s studio provides a personalized experience for aspiring and professional clothing designers looking to develop superior designed products, with desired results.

Like a true alchemist, we practice the art of transforming your vision into wearables that fit, demand quality and define purpose to your customer.

A specialist in fit branding, pattern design, and customized grading, fit is first.
Each project is approached with strategy as our goal is to seamlessly turn your idea into a genuine product that wholly expresses your brand and serves your niche target client as expected.

Colour Alchemist focuses on creating clothing that makes a difference. We call our method a holistic design approach. It’s about undertaking the concept in its entirety with the knowledge of what it takes for a product to be successful the look, the feel, the function and the integration into the lifestyle of the people it’s designed for.

Committed to the holistic approach in our business practices, we believe in the power of connection and collaboration, of designing with true purpose and helping our clients succeed.

Our promise to our clients is honesty, integrity, open communication, efficiency and above all confidentiality. We believe in business ethics and people first.
By fortifying and nurturing our relationships with our clients, suppliers, and collaborators, we create that magic everyone believes in.

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