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I am Martina Carello, Apparel and Fashion Designer and Patternmaker, creator of Colour Alchemist Canada Holistic Design Studio: Designing with Purpose.

With over 25 years of apparel and fashion design, patternmaking and textile development experience, from start-ups to larger corporations, I’ve acquired the experience and understanding within this industry that can benefit you and your company.

My greatest strength is apparel engineering; Pattern drafting, size and fit branding, technical design, grading, and all pre-production processes that lead you to production of your garments.  

For professionals looking to develop fashion or utility clothing to bring to market, I can provide you with a full product development experience with desired results. 

My obsession is working with people who are serious and passionate about their journey within the fashion industry. Especially those who are looking to develop garments that better the experience of their clients; Innovation at it’s best.

My Mission is to ensure that people find the ethical pathway in the fashion industry, specifically ethical business practices. The fashion industry is full of knowledgeable talent who know what they do best. My goal is to ensure my clients are led to the people who can best help them and are most interested in forging positive business relationships.

Let me help you create the garment of fashion collection you dream of. More importantly, let me teach you the way so you understand your own road to success in this big, confusing world of fashion design and apparel technology.

There is no greater satisfaction than to see others succeed. “When we help others solve their problems, we solve our own.”







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